NetSurf 2.6 web browser released for OS4

Date 22-Sep-2010 22:42:49
Topic: Software News

The NetSurf developers are happy to announce the immediate availability of
NetSurf 2.6. This release contains many bug fixes and improvements.

It is available to download from

Here is a change log detailing the important changes in this release:

Core / All

* Improvements to float positioning.
* Fix absolute positioned inlines.
* Improve handling of percentage margins and paddings on floats.
* Fix several memory leaks.
* Rationalised memory allocation functions.
* Updated SSL root certificates.
* Fix handling of PNGs with zero data.
* Moved input handling into content handlers.
* Simplified browser window module.
* Fix table borders specified in em/ex units.
* Improved CSS content handling.
* Don't try to draw zero size images.
* Simplified and fixed save complete feature.
* Reduce frequency of cache clean attempts.
* Improve and optimise rendering of borders in HTML.
* Fix URL comparison issue.
* Improve object handling in HTML.
* Fix absolute positioned root element.
* Rewritten file: fetch handler for local URLs.
* Much improved directory listings for local file: paths.
* Improve handling of binary data in plain text renderer.
* Fixed cache expiry problems.

* LibCSS library (CSS parser and selection engine):
+ Allow stylesheets to be used in multiple contexts
+ Fix possible stylesheet reuse crash.

RISC OS-specific

* Increased maximum allowed value for memory cache size option.
* Update 'about' page to include licences for linked components.
* Fix layout to paper width when printing.
* Fix screen redraw after printing.
* Enable sideways print option.


* Avoid potential use of NULL pointer.
* Fix for old versions of GTK.
* Improve internationalisation support.
* Improve handling of bitmap opacity.
* Fix redraw issues with non-HTML content.
* Cleaned up menu generation and handling.


* Fix build.
* Fix mimetype acquisition for local files.
* Improve handling of bitmap opacity.
* Enable knockout rendering optimisation.
* Improved polygon plotter accuracy.
* Fix colours on copy to clipboard.


* Fixed menus when switching tabs.
* Improved font handling.
* Text kerning.
* Update for OS4.1 Update 2.
* Simplify building of Cairo and non-Cairo versions.
* Fixed scrollbar handling.
* Better NetSurf icon.
* Improve installer.
* Better support for ARexx commands.
* Context sensitive cut/copy/paste.
* Fix clipping for non-HTML contents.
* Option to show icon under drag saves.
* Bitmap plot optimisations.
* Now uses core fetcher for file: URLs.


* Framebuffer toolkit rationalised.
* Improved scrollbar support.
* Added X surface handler.
* Improved scheduling.
* Fixed redraw issues.
* Improved keypress handling.
* On screen keyboard.
* History window.
* Configurable window furniture size.
* Support for scaled bitmap plotting.
* Factored out common plot code for rendering at different bpp.
* Load and save cookies file on start and quit.
* Improve handling of bitmap opacity.

Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and
documentation enhancements.

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