iBatch goes to Spain + Addhtml

Date 6-Oct-2010 19:17:03
Topic: Software News

As it gets colder and colder here in Germany, iBatch decided to goto Spain. It is about 25C there... good place to chill out before Xmas time starts.

We (Javiar and me) are very happy to announce availibility of

1) spanish language support for iBatch
2) "Addhtml"

About iBatch
iBatch 1.0 (Image Batcher) allows users to easily convert/rename/renumber/resize/rotate a bunch of pictures at once.
The pictures to be processed can be collected in a "Batchlist".
In order to organize your batchlist ibatch provides a "Viewer" and "Batchlist browser" tool.
The whole program can be perfectly used for organizing/resizing digicam pics.
Furthermore it becomes handy, when you have to convert whole image directories at once.

About Javiar
Javiar de las Rivas translated iBatch into spanish for us. Therefor a big thanks to him !

About "Addhtml"
Addhtml a little Shell/Cli Tool which will be integrated into
iBatch later on.

It creates html files which enable you to easily browse through an image
dir (created by iBatch).

It basically adds html files to a given imagedirectory.
If you then open the generated index.html, you will find
thumbnails on the left side of your webbrowser and full image on the right

The name of the image is written below the image. You can also choose
thumbnail-/framesize and background color !

Find out more about iBatch and download addon and language files at:



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