A message to all Amigans by an old friend

Date 22-Oct-2010 20:17:12
Topic: Events

Greetings, Amigans! The years I spent with the Amiga are among the most memorable of my life. There was the exhilaration of creating visual effects which had never been seen on a computer screen before. There was the luxury of realistic sound which was far beyond the clicks and beeps of previous computers. There was enough speed to allow fluid animation. But the strongest part of the Amiga experience was the community of users and developers who gravitated toward this remarkable device. Visionaries all, they were an exciting group to be a part of. While other computers were mere appliances, the Amiga fired the imaginations of its owners. I hope that the new generation of Amigans can carry on that tradition.

--- Jim Sachs

Jim would have liked to be attended to Amiwest, but he's extremely busy in building a house: which house? This picture should recall in mind old memories:

I will attach the actual picture of the under construction building later.

Jim also said:

"If any of the attendees will be traveling through the Pacific Northwest on
> their way to or from the conference, they are welcome to stop by and see my
> construction project. We are in Ashland, Oregon, right on Interstate 5.
> Just have them email me."

Thank you Jim for your Greetings. Hope to see you next year at Amiwest.

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