Dental Info 4.0 released at Nordental 2010

Date 14-Nov-2010 14:45:34
Topic: Software News

Dental Info is a commercial software package used by dentists in Norway to inform patients about dental treatment. The software is also used in schools as part of the education of dental secretaries. At Nordental 2010, the largest dentist convention in Norway, Ferrule Media released version 4.0.

Dental Info 4.0 is developed by the norwegian amiga-based company Ferrule Media, and is now sold by NDD, the largest supplier of dental equipment in Norway. Screenshots of Dental Info are present at our homepage.

Dental Info is produced using SAM440EPs/ 0S4.1 and Hollywood Designer 3.0 of Airsoft Softwair. It serves as a good example of how the excellent Hollywood Designer 3.0 is capable of making successful programs with high quality.

The amazing features of the Hollywood Designer opens up numerous possibilities for developers as well as regular AmigaOS / MorphOS users. Be sure to grab a copy of Hollywood Designer3.0 once released later this year.

Below are some photos from our stand at Nordental 2010. At display we had several machines running Dental Info 4.0 (Windows) as well as two machines running our infochannel Dental Kanal (running on Sam440EPs/OS4.1).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

It IS possible to use Amigas in 2010!

Best regards

Torgeir Vee
CEO, Ferrule Media

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