IceFileSystem 2.1 released for MorphOS

Date 24-Nov-2010 18:53:41
Topic: Software News

IceFileSystem 2.1 released.

This release brings mainly bugfixes and improvements. Get it while it's HOT!

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2.1 (2010-November-24)

Filesystem could spend alot of CPU in some situations, fixed.

There was a bug where overwriting a file using MODE_NEWFILE while the filename is different in case, would make the file unaccessible.

Setfilesize bug fixed.

Fixed a few problems when partition gets full.

Dynamic cache system improved. Streaming data from disk filled up cache completely and did not release any memory until streaming was stopped. A timeout is now used to release any cacheline that is not used for a specified number of seconds. Also various smaller improvements regarding (de)allocation.

Removed IceFileSystem_dbg. IceFileSystem nows contains all the debug already which can be activated by using FS Config. Debug flags undocumented for now though :) Ask if you need it.

Fixed freezing issue. Used a high precision timer unit which, in turn seems to cause problems when called repeatedly over longer periods of time. Now uses regular UNIT_VBLANK.

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