Date 29-Nov-2010 22:24:59
Topic: Announcement

OS4Coding.net is a website dedicated to the AmigaOS 4.x developers. We thought that we need a new web site for Amiga OS4 programming only, so that the newer developers wont get confused with sources that are written for other versions of Amiga OS or for a compatible OS. Also, articles and tutorials will be only for the AmigaOS 4.x operating system, written by the developers in their own blog inside OS4Coding. You will also find news, reviews of coding tools, forum to ask things, source codes and projects that developers are working on.

OS4Coding is a new website a little bit different from the others. Every registered user has his own blog pages to post articles, opinions, reviews or even tricks & tips for others to read. But we would like to keep them related to the AmigaOS 4.x development. We intend to make a circle of developers who will know about the projects every one is working on, communicate with each other and help the new developers.

Still OS4Coding.net is a little bit empty. We ask to every AmigaOS 4.x developer to have a look at the website and tell us your opinion. What you think about it, like or dislike. Do you believe that you are going to use it or not? Would you like to cooperate with us on some matters?

We cear to hear your opinion.


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