Icaros Desktop version 1.2.5 has been released

Date 30-Nov-2010 17:52:56
Topic: Announcement

It took a long time and many polishing/scripting/coding efforts, but a fresh new version of Icaros Desktop is already available for download, both in the Live! and Light flavours, and also as update disc for current Icaros 1.2.4 users. Version 1.2.5 introduces many fixes, features and enhancement, which have been extensively explained on the Icaros Website during the last two weeks. It's not a "point release", but it's the nearest thing to it.

New features include remote control of Icaros workbench, screen dragging on GeForce cards, MyWorkspace drawer for user projects, wireless networking on Atheros 5000 wi-fi adapters (with or without encryption), new games, tools and application, and many, many bugfixes which improve - at least a little bit - overall stability. A more complete list of enhancements and download links are as usual on the Icaros Website, http://www.icarosdesktop.org

(PS: the old address www.vmwaros.org has expired, please use the official one instead)

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