AMC v1.2 for AROS and AmigaOS4.x has been released!

Date 5-Dec-2010 11:33:47
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Hi All,
I'm proud to announce that AMC v1.2 has been released for AROS and for AmigaOS4.x systems.
AMC is the ultimate Media Center for all Amiga systems, available now for AROS and AmigaOS4.x, and in the coming days for MorphOS too.
It's designed to be remote friendly and simple for the final user, AMC is a commercial software but you can try a demo version (with unlimited trial time) before buying it, you can download the demo from the

AMC site.

Here are the main AMC features:
• Easy navigation model and remote friendly
• AMC uses MPlayer for audio and video playback so you will be able to play any media that MPlayer can handle.
• Unlimited favorites
• Unlimited playlists
• WebTV and WebRadio
• WebTV recording thanks to an integrated job scheduler, while you continue to enjoy your media
• Slideshow and FunnySlider to enjoy your pictures
• High configurability thanks to plain text configuration files
• AMC can be entirely skinned (themes)
• Powerfull PlugIn system to expand or even patch AMC
• Full access to the internal media databases
• TMDb (The Movie Database) integration
• ID3 tag reading of your MP3 files
• Easy organization and browsing through keywords
Please head to the AMC site for further details

At this link there is a dedicated forum where you can discuss about AMC features, suggestions, PlugIn development and Skinning of the interface, you are all invited to join, it's not restricted to registered user but it's open to all.
Suggestions and critics are always welcome, I wish that AMC would become *THE* media center for our beloved Amiga systems!

With this release has finally been completed the User Guide, it's included with the new packages or downloadable separately from the AMC site, this way interested people will be able to have a first impression even before downloading the program.

Since the v1.1 version has been fixed many bugs and here is what has been changed in details:
• KeyBindings was not saved correctly : FIXED
• In rare occasions, during the scan system procedure, AMC exited with a false "Out of Memory" error: FIXED
• Now the installer setup an icon for the AMC drawer
• Fixed a bug in the installer (buttons disabled when the installation window was closed)
• Added a video feedback when AMC is generating long menu items just to let the user know that AMC is still working.
• Fixed a bug in Audio CD section (OS4 version): ESC was not stopping PlayCDDA
• Fixed a bug in Audio CD section (OS4 version): AMC was throwing an error if the CD was not present
• Fixed the double "Audio CD not detected" message when the user is trying to play an audio CD but the CD is not present.
• Fixed a bug in the mounted volumes detection routine
• Fixed a bug in thumbnail drawer for non square thumbnails grid
• Fixed a bug in the Thumbnail generator, sometimes there was generated 1 pixel height thumbnails: FIXED
• Translated a missing string in the TMDb section
• Fixed a bug in the TMDb section caused by the missing translation string
• Fixed items count in category browser (in video section there were always counted two items less)
• Fixed a wrong behavious when in Image section and pressing the Home key to return to the main manu: sometimes the thumbnail frame wasn't removed after exiting the image section.
• Added support for 7ZipDec (OS4 version) to manage .app files (AMC PlugIn Pack)
• Fixed a bug in the Uninstall PlugIn function
• Fixed a couple of bugs in the Theme handler
• Added the command line parameter
-slowcpu 1
This switch is very usefull for computer with slow CPU like the SAM440ep, if you use this switch the following effects will be modified:
• • Menu RefreshFX = #REVEALLEFT instead of #CROSSFADE
• • Menu GoBackFX = #REVEALRIGHT instead of #CROSSFADE
• • Menu FXSpeed increased
• • Menu grouping value = 50 instead of 100
• • PhotoMode Size decreased by 50 pixel width and height
• • Photomode Rotation OFF
• • PhotoMode animation OFF
• • Audio Player FXSpeed increased
• • Progress bar update feedback decreased
• • FX update frequency increased
• • Help windows alpha channel disabled
• • Help windows animations disabled

• • Funny Slider will be launched at 800x600
This switch is available as ToolType too, it is set as (SETCPU=1) by default: disabled by default

• In the Slideshow configuration file (Slider in the theme folder), now you can specify a negative effect code: this way the slideshow will be less responsive but more smooth. Really usefull for light themes for slow CPU.

Seiya deserves a public "thank you" for his help in bug hunting and his feedback!

Be entertained!
Fabio Falcucci (Allanon)
Pascal Papara (phoenixkonsole)

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