Qt bounty

Date 24-Jan-2011 22:38:25
Topic: Announcement

This bounty is for a complete native AmigaOS4.1 port of libQtGui.so
Go to the Qt bounty project at amigabounty.net to make a donation.

Alfkil who's assigned to the bounty has made good progress on Qt already but compared with the current version (on sourceforge.net) we need to have the following:

- Correct handling of popups
- Correct handling of drag'n'drop
- Correct handling of truetype fonts
- Correct handling of nested GLWidgets
- Correct handling of brush gradients
- Correct handling of 8-bit indexed images
- Correct handling of mouse and keyboard input for all widgets (including GraphicsView)
- Text cursor visible
- Mouse cursor settings
- Dock widgets for MainWindows
- Fixing of graphics errors where possible
- Fixing of crashes
(- Implementation of QProcess if possible)

Qt is a set of cross platform development libraries designed
to be easy and intuitive in use. Having Qt available would open the possibility for giving AmigaOS4 users such applications as:
- Avidemux (video editing)
- Freemat (computation)
- MuseScore (graphical music notation editing)
- ImageVis3D (raytracing)
- SMPlayer (Mplayer frontend)
- (etc.)

Go to the Qt bounty project at amigabounty.net to make a donation.
See qt.nokia.com for a detailed description of Qt.

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