IBrowse Flash Plugin v1.61 released

Date 22-Mar-2011 0:36:05
Topic: Software News

I hope I am not repeating old news, but I don't find this in the message base.

On 26 February 2011 Mike Steed released an update to his IBrowse flash plugin on Aminet. This is an interim release that fixes a bug that could cause the plugin (and subsequently IBrowse) to crash randomly when loading flash files on AmigaOS 4.x.


New for version 1.61:

- This is an interim release that fixes a bug that caused the plugin to
crash when loading a small number of flash files under OS4. There was
no problem under OS3.

- The plugin was compiled with optimization enabled, after it was
inadvertently left off for version 1.6.

- There is no corresponding version of the standalone FlashPlayer, as it
has neither of these problems.

Aminet download: http://aminet.net/package/gfx/show/FlashPlayerPlugin

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