New software releases by OnyxSoft

Date 27-Apr-2011 21:25:55
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft releases two updates of our software!

CodeAudio, MultiRen

Updated programs
CodeAudio v3.04 - (68k) Full-featured GUI for audio encoders (MP3/OGG/FLAC/FAAD) with a wizard and CD, CDDB/FreeDB support.

- Dieter B. has been very kind and pulled the HTML docs up to date again! I will try to keep it in sync from now on.
- The default AHI mode ID for Mpega became "$DEFA" instead of "Default".

MultiRen v1.71 - (68k) Powerful multi-file renaming tool using MUI. Has plugin-support for MP3-renaming and more.

- Made the File Cleaner "Initial letter upper" restart after a period "." or opening paratheses.
- Added some more extensions to the extension editor.
- Fixed a crash when adding an extension in the extension editor.

If you see a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail!

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