UAE gets Warp3D wrapper

Date 20-Jun-2003 22:29:20
Topic: Software News

QuarkTex is a Warp3D 4.0 - OpenGL wrapper for WinUAE.

Robert Konrad has just released his first version (0.1) of QuarkTex

WinUAE and your Amiga application must run in full screen mode.
If you use a Radeon graphics board please update your drivers to Catalyst 3.4. Catalyst 3.2 can crash badly if you accidently start an application in windowed mode.
QuarkTex needs an OpenGL 1.2 compliant graphics board. Radeon or GeForce is suggested, everything else might blow up your computer.
Read the ReadMe.txt before using QuarkTex. You probably won't be able to use QuarkTex without reading the ReadMe file.
The current version is not thought to be used for development. Please wait for 0.2 or 0.3 to minimize the risc of writing programs which do not run on real Amigas.

You can download version 0.1 from Roberts site here

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