AresOne 2011 - price drop!

Date 10-May-2011 19:56:09
Topic: Announcement

Yep Vesalia did it again : D
The AresOne is now available for ~235! And I am talking about the full pack which includes:

AresOne with 2.8GHZ AMD Sempron (expendable via configurator)
2GB DDR3 RAM (exendable via configurator)
500GB SATA HD (expendable)
Broadway including FULL Version of AMC the Amiga Media Center
Or IcAROS desktop
Wndows, Linux are optional... Linux is a free Option (installing costs nothing).
The AresOne comes with AmigaForever 2009 OEM and A-live X which includes a FryingPan key and CinnamonWriter for AROS

You can also buy the Kit for ~199.99 including the software.


Have a look here on Youtube if you like ; )

Oh and since AmigaForever and JanusUAE are included you should have a look at this:
Aladdin 4D & ARES Computer Partnership

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