Download iBatch Version 1.2 for free !

Date 3-Jun-2011 21:47:05
Topic: Software News

iBatch V. 1.2 had been released exlusively on Amiga Future Cover CD 90. From now on it is also downloadable from iBatch website for free !

However there is still a nice review and a double page workshop on iBatch in Amiga Future Magazine Issue 90, which is not downloadable !

about iBatch
iBatch 1.2 has been rated as „Must have” for digital image batch processing on Amiga by recent Amiga Future Magazine.

Main Features:
- easy to use GUI
- batch converting
- batch renaming
- batch resizing
- batch turning
- jpg, png, bmp, iff-ilbm in/output
- autonumbering when renaming
- all bundled in predefinable conversion profiles
- built-in thumbnail viewer/batchlist creator
- built-in batchlist browser
- plugin capability
- html album plugin
- add capture date when renaming
- exif and embedded thumbnail support
- image subtitles (e.g. for html album)
- workflow manager

Infos about new features+Screenshots:
AW News Item

iBatch V. 1.2 will also be available via Aminet very soon....

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do....
regards Gero/

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