AROS-Distribution AROSAspire gets a new name and a new Version

Date 8-Jun-2011 7:46:48
Topic: Software News

Originaly posted on by nikolaos

"My distro ArosAspire have from today a new name. Fishy came with good ide of using aspiros, but since I don't want to change it that much I have renamed it to. AspireOS. That is the final name.

I have a new version today after the important fix from Deadwood that make OWB load pages much faster than before.

I have included a updated nice Dopus.config by myself.

New Scumm and latest GraphX2 with layers etc.. ported by Yannick with his great new SDL version.

Many new games too, compiled with latest SDL version from Cavemann etc.

I also now use classic way of opening windows etc. I even disabled decoration again, but if you want that you can edit startup-sequence and take away ";" before C:Decoration NIL:

Also new system files and some other imporvements.

I'm now at version 0.95 I plaing to release version 1.0 next month at a computer party in Norway.

I hope you have time to test it, even if you don't have ACER aspire one.

Download from AROS archives"

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