Ami-Lineapolis - first playable version (2.9) is finished!

Date 16-Jun-2011 22:12:22
Topic: Software News

Ami-Lineapolis is native Amiga OS4 program for solving Morpion Solitaire written in PortablE language.
Before computers time I play this game using only paper and pen. Rules are simply and I had some
more interesting job then listening boring teacher. Technics are not bad - now I can saving my games,
easier finding low visible moves etc. This is first Amiga OS4 release and not all features are coded
but enought for start playing. Try this game - is fun and easy, and you can be hooked... I need
feedback from players for improving code, finding bugs, before I implement next features.

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ami-lineapolis.manual and start playing!
Troubleshooting: If game freeze especially on some radeonHD graphics cards try disable graphics sync in options.
Any comment are welcome.
Useful links: - what is morpion solitaire - my little webpage with this software
I want thanks Chris - author of PortablE language for helping me much during
coding Ami-Lineapolis.

download from OS4depot or from my webpage

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