PPA magazine #5 is out

Date 4-Jul-2011 12:47:24
Topic: Announcement

Polish Amiga Magazine (Polskie Pismo Amigowe) issue #5 has been released last week.

The magazine contains hardware and software reviews of:

- Blizzard SCSI kit
- iGame
- Full Throttle
- Aquaria
- Dune: Legacy

as well as tutorials:

- mounting a CF card in an A600
- the secrets of YAM
- Python under MorphOS
- AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS dual boot

...and more

The magazine has 28 full colour pages. It's only in Polish, so probably it will be interesting to Polish speaking (and reading) only.

The pricing is PLN 21 (approximately 5,25 EUR). Worldwide shipping is available upon request (at additional low charge). Previous issues #1 and #2 are free to download as PDF files. The magazine page and order form can be found at http://www.ppa.pl/magazyn/.

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