FastATA 1200 MK-IV Available For Pre-Ordering

Date 5-Jul-2011 21:32:54
Topic: Hardware News

The new version of FastATA 1200 will shortly be shipping from

FastATA 1200 is the most advanced IDE interface for the Amiga 1200
computer, providing up to PIO-5 performance and LBA 48-bit

Continuing AmigaKit's commitment to sponsoring development of Classic
Amiga hardware, Elbox have manufactured a new production run of this
popular IDE interface.

FastATA MK-IV is natively supported in the new AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.
It is also compatible with the older AmigaOS 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 and 3.9.

Includes the latest AllegroCDFS v3.6 and ATA3 v10 driver software.

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