DiscreetFX supports Viva Amiga Documentary

Date 9-Jul-2011 2:47:33
Topic: Announcement

Viva Amiga is a necessary and fantastic film about the Amiga computer.

DiscreetFX just donated $600 to get the donation amount over $20,000. We will also be giving away six $35 donations in a contest which will entitle the winners to a copy of Viva Amiga on DVD, DVD Extras Disc, and Viva Amiga button, plus benefactor listing on amigafilm.com. If you want to win one of these please enter fast since we are giving them away on July 12th, 2011.

Enter contest by sending an e-mail to the link below.


Put in the subject and body of your e-mail "I want to win the Viva Amiga Film "

The filmmakers must reach $25,000 in total donations in the next few days so if you have not donated yet but would like to see a documentary about the amazing Amiga computer, its drama and trials and tribulations please donate now.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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