Jack 1.7 Released on OSDepot

Date 6-Aug-2011 17:33:59
Topic: Software News


The next installment of Jack the Multi-purpose Workbench Utility is now available on OS4Depot.

New in this version:

- WebP Image support
- Downloaded applications will now auto-launch any included Installer in the package*.
- Featured Products page**
- Storage Overview in App-Store sidebar
- All helper applications are now ran asynchronously
- Critical error in Image Editor regarding alpha transparencies has been fixed
- Usual bug fixes

* Support for Python and official Installer 53.x Only, developer notes included.
** Future version - new content will be hosted and dowloaded remotely.

Jack 1.7 is now available on Os4Depot.net.

As always please check the Upload queue for the latest updates.

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