Odyssey Web Browser 1.14 for MorphOS released

Date 9-Aug-2011 1:11:42
Topic: Software News

Less than a month after the last update, Fabien Coeurjoly has now released version 1.14 of his web browser, and also changed its name to Odyssey.

Here are the highlights of the release:


- 05.08.2011: Odyssey Web Browser 1.14 (July 2011)
- Changed the name to "Odyssey Web Browser". Like it or hate it, but you can
still call it OWB, anyway. :)
- Updated to WebKit r91657 (July 2011).
- Updated to Curl 7.21.7.
- Use OpenSSL 0.9.8o since 1.0.0d introduced issues with some sites that
used to work previously.
- Added a popup menu in search string showing Google suggestions for the
currently typed word.
- Added a cookie policy option in URL settings (possibility to filter on
both URL and cookie names with regular expressions).
- Added a cookie policy option in global settings.
- Allow deleting a cookie domain (and all its cookies) in cookie manager
- Decrease rootgroup spacing in fullscreen mode.
- Added FULLSCREEN REXX command.
- Added a fullscreen menu entry, for people lacking F11 key. :)
- URLs with video/audio MIME types can now be played directly inside the
browser, if the related MIME type action is set to "Internal viewer"
(assuming the codec/format is supported).
- Don't show scrollbars in video fullpage mode.
- Fixed a possible deadlock in MediaPlayer when the object is disposed
very early.
- Made support for FLV and OGG optional in media settings (disabled by default),
since these formats can sometimes confuse some sites like DailyMotion (refusing
to play anything if OGG is available ?!), and YouTube (serving FLV in HTML5 mode ?!!).
- Honour the "attachment" attribute in Content-Disposition response header
and force download when it's set.
- Implemented the necessary logic in CURL backend to upload documents in
Google Docs and YouTube (it could already work before by spoofing to
older browsers versions, but they're not supported anymore).
- Upload progress is now notified to the DOM (allows scripts to display progress).
- Show an appropriate status/progress and lamp for upload connections in network
activity/network lamps.
- Fixed month display in FTP view.
- Make use of a FTP template page (resource/FTPDirectoryTemplate.html) to enhance
the look of the FTP view.
- Set a proper mimetype (based on extension) for the URLs with a FTP scheme,
instead of displaying them as raw text content.
- Fixed YouTube HTML5 fullscreen mode, since it changed again (Youtube_Fullscreen_Fix.js).
- Updated youtube.js userscript to work after the recent YouTube changes.

Full "readme" here: owb-morphos-1.14.readme.
Download it from here: owb-morphos-1.14.lha.

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