AEROS - Linux/AROS distro status update

Date 1-Oct-2011 22:10:42
Topic: Software News


AresOne and friends will get a new standard OS.
Actually i plan to have it done for christmas.

There are only a few quirks left. Nothing dramatic.

Status update:
Offers the same as Broadway 0.6 plus the following Linux apps:

Ooffice Impress (found no alternative)
Ooffice Draw (well it installed it as part of Impress)
Gimp (Gimpshop is to outdated)
Blender 2.49b
Chomium Browser has been updated
PearPC 0.5 well just want to try it later : )

Linux parts are all updated.. experimenting with Wifi now.

After this i need to include Linux-Prefs into the AROS side.

EDIT: added Midnight Commander

Since the AresOne comes with AmigaForever it will allow to have the virtual Amiga running in coherency mode. (Thanks to janusUAE).

So you will be able to run Linux-, AROS-, AmigaOS 3.x-, Windows-apps and more at the same time.

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