Swamp Defense Available for Amiga OS 4.1

Date 13-Oct-2011 19:10:23
Topic: Announcement

We have released our new game Swamp Defense, wich is now available for purchasing on www.amiboing.de

This game is a full self development and high optimized for actual Amiga OS 4.1 Systems (with Radeon) and should work also on Classic Amigas (Mediator + Radeon).

Swamp Defense is a classic tower defense game for any beginners or defensive specialist. Fight your way through a large number of levels with different routes. Unique tower types help you to defeat the Swamp Monsters.Help the family to get rid of the evil breed.

Short gameplay video on 40 inch TV in 1920x1080 and TuneNet music in background, and it runs smooth:


More informations, demo download, purchasing:


You need to register at amiboing.de to buy and download the game. The online account is needed for upload highscores and awards. Register is for free, you only need username, email and password.

Thanks for trying the game. We hope there are not too much bugs ;) We have checked the game on different configurations but we canīt try it on all different Amigaīs. If you have problems please write us to mail@amiboing.de

Purchasing is available with paypal and wire transfer, some users have problems with PayPal and OWB, you also can pay direct to shop@despira.de via paypal, we enable your license after the paypal email is received. After buying the game, the downloadbutton is on the same place like the buy button.

Best regards,

Imagodespira + Goos McGuile


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