A sign of life: InsanePlaya

Date 20-Nov-2011 11:26:17
Topic: Software News

Hello Amigans!

We like to inform you that we just uploaded InsanePlaya to os4depot. Its a CD player with GUI and AHI output. Its free of charge, and free for non-commercial use.

Its GUI is somewhat simple, but complex enough to make up a useable CD player program

The plan is to use its code base for a much more complex version, featuring external GUI modules and maybe more, so that even the most serious designer could make a wonderful GUI.

As we need some more experience with its usage, we decided to give it away for free, so that AmigaOS users could test it and tell us their opinion and/or suggestions.

Have fun with InsanePlaya!

Wolfgang Hosemann

P.S.: If there should be any problem with the os4depot special license, please contact us via email.

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