LoView 2.35 released!

Date 31-Dec-2011 16:39:16
Topic: Software News

As a present (I hope!) for the last day of the year, I'm pleased to announce that LoView 2.35 was just uploaded onto AmiNet (all AmigaOS flavours) and OS4Depot (AmigaOS4.x)!

Please test it and let me know what do you think about it!

Happy New Year 2012 to ALL!

LoView - the Easy Viewer and Thumber

LoView was an easy to use viewer designed to let the user choose what to do in fast and comfortable way.

Supports many file format (depending on which DataTypes you have installed) and may save in JPG, PNG, IFF or BMP file format, so you can also delete/copy/move/rename/save a rotated or flipped image for example, or maybe only convert an image in another format you like...

With the LoViewThumb program you can also look at your nice pics in a thumbnail mode

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