SAM460Lite & AmigaOS4.1 for DjNick bounty

Date 6-Jan-2012 11:23:34
Topic: hardware OS4

Most of DjNick's music and graphics was done on Amiga back in the days, and now, he want to help AmigaOS4 to get some better design by making improved skins, icons and graphics. But its pretty hard to be working effectively on gfx design of OS and OS components, when you don't own the actual machine. So, this bountys aim is to get Nikola a sam460EX Lite motherboard & AmigaOS4.1 licence. The Sam460 is EUR 610,- excl. shipping and vat. So we should end at around EUR 850,- which is what we are trying to collect.

Do you remember the days when Amiga was popular because of our skilled artists, who contributed stunning tunes and graphics for amiga games, demos and apps? Sure you remember those days. Many of us was attracted to Amiga because of that.

One of the old-known graphic artist and musicians is DjNick (Nikola Tomic, from Serbia). He contributed for Amiga community back in the past with f.ex. non-commercial music video for a goa-trance song with the name "Warp", which features 3D animations made in LightWave. You can check that video here:
DjNick also Composed music and sound effects for Amiga game "Capital Punishment" for Canadian Publishers "ClickBoom". It was the top Seller "beat’em-up" game in 1996, with music and SFX scores as high as 97% in some computer magazines.

Some recent work of DjNick can be seen on the freshly done AmigaOS4 site, which was done to help Hyperion to have a good looking and professional site. Just check all the links below, where you can find most of DjNick's work (music, graphics etc.).

The work Nikola will do as compensation for the motherboard+OS is outlined belov. Keep in mind that this will be not be official work managed by Hyperion, but 3rd party contributions from a skilled graphic artist.

1. New AOS4 themes (At least one new stylish theme).

2. New Frames for MUI (version of MUI, which will be released in AmigaOS4.2). Those frames can also be used on Morphos's MUI4, so MOS-users can contribute as well;)

3. New MUI themes (At least one new stylish theme). As we soon will have an updated MUI(4?), themes can also be used for MorphOS MUI4 as well.

4. New AOS4 backdrops (1, 2 or more).

5. New AOS4 icons for different kind of projects/games/demos/mags/apps (1, 2 or more, depends).

6. Workbench loading audio samples with female voice.

7. AmigaOS video presentations and animations on Youtube with examples what Amiga can do today.

Understand that this is the minimum work that will be done as compensation for the bounty, much more will hopefully come in the future.

With this bounty we can attract a good designer that loves Amiga computers and it's OS, please make a donation today.

For making a donations go here

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