APC&TCP: The Public Beta 22 of DigiBooster 3 Released

Date 12-Jan-2012 20:43:20
Topic: Software News

After almost a year since the previous public version, APC&TCP releases the next public beta of DigiBooster 3 music tracker. Beta 22 is available for immediate download for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS operating systems in the Download Zone.

Key features of this release are:

- Basic sample editor with format conversion (can load and save AIFF, WAVE, 8SVX and 16SV formats), cut, copy and paste including system clipboard, realtime loop editor.
- ARexx port with 22 fully documented commands.
- Improved player engine, better backward compatibility with DigiBooster Pro 2.x.
- User configurable track scopes.
- Unique feature of single step (and step back) playback with all effects and autosynchronization.
- More documentation, extensive descriptions of DigiBooster effects.
- Many small improvements listed in the changelog.

The released beta is a demo version. The only limitation of demo is disabled module saving.


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