Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 patch 03 released!

Date 17-Jan-2012 9:55:16
Topic: software AROS

Patch 02 for Icaros Desktop introduced many enhancements and bug-fixes to Wanderer and other AROS components. But the new patch 03 makes things even better. The italian locale is back and iconification works better. Patch 03 completely replaces the former one, including all its bugfixes. Users that updated to patch 02 should install 03 as well, while people who never updated Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 should install patch 01 and 03.

This patch includes:

- everything that was already part of Patch 02
- fix for commodities like FKey: they don't appear iconified on the desktop anymore
- fix for italian translation: it will now be re-enabled in Wanderer
- added iconify button to Zune windows title bar (must be enabled by user)
- fix for ICE, Icaros Classic and Icaros Blue themes to support iconify button

For a complete list of known issues, please look at http://www.icarosdesktop.org/

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