iBatch V1.4: new Features/screenshots

Date 28-Jan-2012 16:57:45
Topic: software Classic


As promised, find featurelist of upcoming iBatch V 1.4 below. Detailed infos, pdf Documentation and screenshots can be viewed on iBatch Website.
However, iBatch V1.4 will not be available on that website for download, so check www.boingsworld.de webiste for updates. If you are into German language make sure to listen to boingsworld.de Podcast/Episode 24. All the news will be in there, including an interview with the iBatch author.

New Features...
- ignore aspect ratio when resizing
- use wildcards when renaming
- automatic selection of suitable scaling method (in "Quality Mode")
- bicubic
- linear
- window
- with or without lowpassfilter
- sharpen and soften your images
- FXPlugins
- Gamma correction for all images in batchlist
- image too grayscale for all images in batchlist
- add watermark
All this resulted in a complete rewrite of the so called "conversion profile editor". A complete new GUI (see Screenshot) will allow you to define different conversion profiles even easier than before.

Main Features since release...
- batch converting, renaming, resizing, turning
- jpg, png, bmp, iff-ilbm in/output
- autonumbering when renaming
- add capture date when renaming
- all bundled in predefinable conversion profiles
- built-in thumbnail viewer/batchlist creator
- built-in batchlist browser
- exif and embedded thumbnail support
- plugin capability
- html album plugin
- image subtitle plugin (e.g. for html album)
- workflow manager plugin
- slideshow plugin (Win/Aros/Mac/Amiga)
- transfer EXIF Header plugin

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