AROS Broadway X for Efika MX (AEROS)

Date 31-Jan-2012 19:43:28
Topic: software AROS

Small update..
in the meanwhile we (Michal Schulz and me) have spend a bit time with bringing Broadway X to the EFIKA..

Broadway hosted for ARM is available here Broadway hosted

Broadway X is the AROS part of (AEROS).
AEROS is meant as debian based distribution.

On Efika we will do 3 things:
1. I will make an Ubuntu desktop/ openbox - Broadway X image (You can switch at login between the systems)
2. Michal will try to offer a slimmed down image (minimal Linux) with Broadway X
(smaller, faster, slimmer)

3. AEROS for ARM will be the same as the x86 version:
debian with AROS on top.
This is step 3 and I would like to have AROS hosted ported over to ARMhf

The x86-version of AEROS like shown in the past will be uploaded as it is on saturday.

Thanks for your patience : )

More images and a video of Broadway X on Efika MX:

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