New FastATA controllers released today

Date 28-Feb-2012 1:50:24
Topic: Hardware News

New FastATA controllers released today.
Krakow 27 Feb 2012

New FastATA controllers are equipped with a Compact Flash
slot and a SATA controller based on the Marvell 88SA8040
SATA-to-PATA bridge.


The new controllers are designed to simultaneously
use up to four devices: one Compact Flash card,
one SATA drive and two to four PATA devices.

The number of simultaneously used Compact Flash
cards or SATA drives may be increased with additional
adapters up to the total number of all connected
devices of four.

If four SATA/CF/ATA/ATAPI devices is not enough
for you, you can install more than one FastATA 4000
MK-VI CF/SATA controller in your A3000 or A4000 computer.
If you have A1200 with ZIV busboard you can
simultaneously use FastATA ZIV CF/SATA and
FastATA A1200 MK-IV CF/SATA controllers.

New software (ATA3.driver 11.0, FastATA4000 ver. 4.0)
enclosed with the new controllers is optimized for best
compatibility with Compact Flash cards and SATA drives.
CF cards controlled by a FastATA controller are seen
in the Amiga system as a fixed (non-removable) device,
which facilitates installation of bootable partitions
on them.

You can order your new controller for your Amiga
just now at

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