CodeWar 1.24 ported to AmigaOS and MorphOS

Date 2-Mar-2012 10:50:48
Topic: Software News

Amigan Software are proud to announce that the CodeWar simulator, a game for programmers, has been ported to AmigaOS 3.9 and MorphOS. An AmigaOS 4 version is imminent.

CodeWar is essentially a simulation engine which allows multiple processes to execute simultaneously within the same virtual environment. This in turn provides programmers with the facilities to compete against one another by seeing who can write the program which exists the longest within this environment. Unlike other simulators such as CRobots, the competing robots are real native programs and may thus be written in any language.

Less formally, CodeWar allows programmers to create programs (robots) which can compete against one another using a variety of armaments (cannons, missiles, etc.) by executing them at the same time and communicating with the CodeWar simulator. Robots have the ability to detect these other robots and make up their own strategies to outsmart other programmers' code.

Requires (AmigaOS 3 version): OS3.9+BB1, 2Mb RAM.
Requires (MorphOS version): ReAction.
Recommended (AmigaOS version): RTG, FPU.

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