New Stuff , New Fun. Part 1.

Date 3-Mar-2012 21:42:31
Topic: software OS4

To avoid spamming of forums with different topics/news-items about any single piece of port, I came up with the idea that it is better to collect stuff and release it in one push (and to bring more fun, and to raise some tasty dollars).

So, there is nothing to say more, I just will show what I prepare for today and provide links to where you can download all of these (I will upload all of them to os4depot soon as well).

The idea in the end is to do these kind of "pushes" in some time frame (say 1 every 2-4 weeks), but that will depend on the users' interest of course (and those tasty donations).

Let's go:


1. games from 16bit software:

Games are OpenGL based, so if you do not have 3d drivers you're out of luck. You still can try to use waZp3d, but it is pretty possible it will not work, or will work incorrectly, or slow. Happy testing

1. Letters Fall 3.

Download OS4 version here

2. MunchDude Hero 2

Download OS4 version here

3. Pixel Artist

Download OS4 version here

4. TetriCrisis 4

Download OS4 version here

5. TetriAttack 2

Download OS4 version here

2. New version of Biniax2 (version on os4depot are 1.20, new one are 1.30).

Download OS4 build here


1. yaml-cpp v0.3.0

Yaml-cpp is a YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML1.2 spec

Download OS4 build here

2. Dumb library v0.9.3

DUMB is an IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library, and features:

-- accurate support for low-pass resonant filters for IT files
-- accurate timing and pitching; completely deterministic playback
-- click removal
-- facility to embed music files in other files (e.g. Allegro datafiles)
-- three resampling quality settings; aliasing, linear interpolation and cubic interpolation
-- can be used with Allegro (tested with os4 version of allegro), and without
-- and more

Download OS4 build here

Small bonus

As bonus there is allegro-config script (to make ./configure scripts happy when it check for allegro). Put it to SDK:local/newlib/bin/


If you found all of this interesting and worth of downloading, please, make a donation to me. Donations keep motivation up, and give me the incentive and ability to spend more time on any projects.

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