DiscreetFX Seeking to Add Resources for AmigaOS 4.x & MorphOS Development

Date 18-Mar-2012 1:44:12
Topic: Announcement

AmigaOS 4.x & MorphOS community we have listened to your feedback and are now seeking additional resources for DiscreetFX Labs to develop Aladdin 4D 6.0 for AmigaOS 4.x & MorphOS. You stated it was taking too long and we should not work on the OS X Lion version first so we are talking your feedback to heart. We are looking for one Amiga and MorphOS programmer proficient in C. No naughty Windows, Mac or Linux skills required, your time will be spent 100% working on coding what you love, AmigaOS 4.x & MorphOS!

A past resume on AmiNet, OS4Depot or MorphZone is a plus, preferably in the 3D animation/rendering software department. What do you get in return? Part time steady income from your Amiga development, don't quit your day job. This will be a long term commitment so we are looking for someone that loves to code 3D animation applications that wants to take Aladdin 4D to the next level. We don't need you just for version 6.0 but version 7,8,9 and beyond. Since you make royalties plus regular pay the more you do the more you make. We want someone excited to bite their programming teeth into a large exciting Amiga project. In the future you may have to work with the other developer working on the OS X Lion version of Aladdin 4D 6.0 but this will not be necessary in the beginning. AROS will not be left out in the cold, we will also need assistance in getting the AROS version coded once the AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS versions are complete.

Contact us via the link below please with your CV/Resume and reasons why you are right for job. You will also be required to submit your code on a daily or at least weekly bases to a CVS and Blog about your progress to our customers. The Wizard of Oz behind the curtain development cycle of Aladdin 4D 6.0 has not pleased us either and we want future development to be in the public eye so customers see rapid progress.


Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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