Jack 3.2 Released - Hello asynchronous downloads

Date 7-May-2012 0:41:01
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

What is Jack?

Jack is a great, multi-purpose commodity for AmigaOS, AROS, Classic Amiga, MorphOS and now WarpOS.

Show me:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5DmlQmyzbY (February 2012)


* Comprehensive 'App-Store' for AmigaOS with NEW Bundles
* Donation database in the App-Store - donate directly to the developers (hint, hint, hint)
* AmigaOS Knowledge Base
* Great looking interface - drop anything on it to Open or Play
* Integrated Image Editor, crop, image effects, add watermarks, resize and more
* Google Currency Converter
* Weather forecast for your location
* Screen capture with crop area
* Developer's Calculator
* Integrated File Manager
* AmigaOS Preferences Window
* Search your computer, USB devices or network
* Much more...
* Great shortcut keys: Press F, open two Filer windows side-by-side (AmigaOS4 only)
* Great shortcut keys: Press D, open Directory Opus
* Great shortcut keys: Press TAB, enter URL, go to website
* Great shortcut keys: Press S open a Shell, N open NotePad, G get hex colour anywhere on screen

Version State:
AmigaOS/AROS: Full Release
MorphOS - Beta/Untested, accordingly to one Italian amiga user it works almost perfectly.
Classic Amiga/WarpOS: Beta/Untested, unable to test.

Last minute:
Oops! Just spotted a debug message left in the knowledge base, will remove at a later date.


Available shortly on OS4Depot, Aminet, AROS Archives and MorphOS-Files.


* WarpOS compile now available.

* (MorphOS Only) Debug output removed at startup.

* Check for New Updates (of Jack) has been removed for all non-AmigaOS4
operating systems.

* JackTunes restricted to AmigaOS 4 for the time being due to its reliance on
Python and SMBFS.

* AppStore: All downloads (apart from Featured Downloads) are now asynchronous.
In plain english this means multple downloads are now possible, even if you
close the Appstore window and move into any other part of Jack the download(s)
will continue in the backgrond. (AmigaOS 4 Only) Outside of the Appstore you
will be notified by the Ringhio notification system that a download has been
completed and is available to install as normal through the Download Manager.

* The state of the download list is updated as each download finishes, if you
end up with a partial download (computer crash/lost connection) during
downloading - on restarting Jack- you will be given the opportunity to either
re-download the partial download(s) or remove them from the list.
Notice I said 'the list is updated as each download finishes' - if you only
downloaded 1 item you will not necessarily be given this same opportunity.

* It is currently not possible to quit Jack if downloads are in progress or
partial downloads exist in the Download Manager. Please visit the download
manager and rectify. Might newbie-fy this behaviour in the future.

* (AmigaOS 4 Only) Every 4 hours news from Amigaworld is shown as a ringhio
notification assuming your rexx server is running; I know some weird Amiga users
love to turn stuff off unnecessarily!

* Apologies for delay, fixed the malformed url string for adding events to
Google Calendar. Days and months are now zero-padded correctly.

* (MorphOS Only) All PDF calls are pre-configured to Apdf on the system
partition inside the Applications drawer.

* The filesize is more correctly positioned underneath each download that is in

* Fixed possible inaccessiblity of the 'Install Now' option in the Download

* Added Jack Icon to the Ringhio notification messages

* Jack now has an Arexx port. A small number of initial arexx messages have
been added. See Jack_Arexx_Commands.rexx included for the current list. This
will be much improved in a future release foreinstance being able to process
images and applying Image Effects and Watermarks.

* Removed redundant locale strings

* (Other OS) Corrections in AmigaOS Knowledge base with regard to local files
and helper applications.

* (AmigaOS 4 Only) During installation the user will now be asked whether they
wish to add Jack to the Dock (rather than auto-detection/auto-placement) and
they will be asked whether they want Jack to be added to WBStartup
Sidenote to developers/how to do: WBStartupCTRL ADD / >nil:

Bug reports:


Mailing list:




Please remember to check the upload queue first before downloading.

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