AWeb 3.5.10 Special update for AmigaOS 4.1

Date 20-May-2012 17:13:57
Topic: software OS4

After some considerable time, I finally tracked down and fixed the "last" of some nasty bugs that were intrduced / revealed by the update of AmigaOS to version 4.1

This release makes those fixes available.

Why AWeb in this day and age of OWB and Timeberwolf? Well AWeb is fast, and if you don't need CSS then it leaves any other Amiga browser standing. This makes it particularly suitable for reading local documentation in html format etc.

If you're a webdesigner it can be useful for seeing how your pages degrade in the absense of CSS, you can see very quickly id your page structure is sane, and likely to be navigable but non visual user agents.

AWeb also has some powerful and under used features in it's ARexx interface. It can call scripts from local pages and thus build quite sophistcated dynamic applications. IIRC a magazine coverdisk used to use this feature to great effect.

(this does not work pages on or from the web for the obvious security reasons)

get it from os4depot

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