Icaros Desktop 1.4.2 released!

Date 23-May-2012 23:42:12
Topic: software AROS

A new update to the popular AROS distribution Icaros Desktop is now available for download. The new version brings back the ability to play YouTube videos within OWB and MPlayer, improves speed and stability, and adds some new features like the MIDI player/library WildMidi. A more detailed list of new features and improvements are published on the project's website at http://www.icarosdesktop.org

Here's a list, however, of what's changed from Icaros 1.4.1:

- system files updated to May 4th, 2012
- added unarc
- updated OWB to version 1.16.2
+ added ability to play YouTube movies via JavaScript
+ improved rendering speed
+ fixed some issues
- improved Duke Nukem 3D experience
+ audio and music now enabled, improved graphics
- updated AmiFig to latest version
- updated Janus UAE to version 1.2
+ better AROS M68K support with UAEGFX modes
+ improved speed and reliability
+ recompiled using latest AROS libraries
- updated MPlayer to version 1.0-v4
+ improved speed
+ can now work with OWB to play YouTube videos
- updated PortablE to latest version
- updated AmiLUA to latest version
- updated LoView to version 2.50
- updated Jabberwocky to latest version
- added pixman.library
- added WildMidi library and shell MIDI player
- added EAW GUS patches for WildMidi

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