Preliminary release of Hurrican

Date 17-Jun-2012 22:50:24
Topic: software OS4

Once again, Hugues "HunoPPC" Nouvel brings us a new jewel to play with.

This time it's a kind of Turrican clone named Hurrican with very nice graphics, smooth animations (MiniGL required) and good sound effects.

The actual OS4 version is a preliminary release, hence there are some flaws such as possible crash when reaching the 1st boss and lack of optimizations regarding the code that need to be done.


What will be present in next release : in game music, support of joystick/joypad (thanks to LibHWJ) and fix some graphic glitches.

You can Download Hurrican from OS4Depot
Visit the Official Hurrican Site
Visit Huno's Ports Site

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