AmiCygnix V1.1 released

Date 21-Jun-2012 13:10:07
Topic: software OS4

A new version of the AmiCygnix packages AmiCygnix-Base and AmiCygnix-Tools are now available on OS4-Depot. An existing installation of AmiCygnx 1.0 can be updated - older software package can still be used.
Upcoming AmiCygnix software will depend on this new version.

AmiCygnix is a Unix environment, which makes it easy to port Unix software with or without a GUI.


The main enhancements in the base package:
  • Support of programs compiled with GTK+ 2.24 and GTK+ 3.x.

  • A new (experimental) display driver, which opens the X11 display in a normal intuition window on the workbench.

  • The X server can now be launched several times without problems. So you can now - for example - launch several applications separately on the workbench.

  • Upcoming software and included programs in the "Software" drawer provides a new script for a standalone start in an own window or screen. A special version of myX11Setup is included for this.

  • A new icon theme for AmiCygnix programs in AmigaOS 4.1 style.

  • All workbench icons in these packages are now in AmigaOS 4.1 style.

  • The previous version of AmiCygnix could not be installed on partitions formatted with JXFS. This bug is now solved.

  • The optional tools package contains newer versions of the so far included software and a new settings editor for the desktop background (all compiled with GTK+ 2.24):

  • The file manager "ROX-Filer 2.10"

  • The web browser "NetSurf 2.8"

  • The text editor "Leafpad" with UTF-8 support

  • The image viewer "GPicView 0.2.2"

  • The PDF viewer "Xpdf 3.03"

  • The settings editor for GTK+ 2 and 3 "LXAppearance 0.5.1"

  • The settings editor for the Openbox window manager "ObConf 2.0.3"

  • The settings editor for the desktop background "Gsetroot 1.1"

  • Snapshots: (AmiCygnix-Base) (AmiCygnix-Tools)

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