Paint 0.62 alpha version for MorphOS

Date 12-Jul-2012 23:12:52
Topic: software MorphOS

Stefkos/BlaBla releases an alpha 0.62 version of Paint application for MorphOS.
Under download link you will find new native Paint application witch features:

- independend windows to work with images
- unlimited layers
- draw and text layers
- many blending effects
- many paint effects
- image manipulation options
- default set of pens
- many shapes to paint
- plugin system, compatybile with Sketch and SCANdal
- gradient editor
- pen and brush editor
- palette editor (load, save)
- manual in pdf format
- and more.
I dont promise fast upgrades, all features or even stable 1.0 verison.
Further development of Paint depends on users feedback.
You can see program here
Best regards Stefkos and BlaBla group.

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