Netsurf 68k now in Aros Vision 68k

Date 16-Jul-2012 14:20:01
Topic: software AROS

I have made a small update to 1.5.1. because I have a working version of Netsurf 68k (2.6 or 2.7, 2.8 and 2.9 not working at the moment)

A screenshot showing Netsurf "in action":

All improvements:

Netsurf 68k

Wazp3D (Warp3D)
newest Roms (14.7.)
new Shortcuts (ALT I for Netsurf)

Full Download:

Only Netsurf 68k:

When integrating it yourself: it needs stacksize 500000 and can only be started from CLI (not by clicking on icon)

Extended compatiblity page (Games and Applications):


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