New RadeonHD Series 7 Support

Date 5-Oct-2012 20:12:14
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New RadeonHD Series 7 Support
Cardiff, 3rd October 2012

A-EON Technology and HDRLab are pleased to announce that AmigaOS 4 now includes full support for AMD Radeon HD series 7 graphics cards.

Version 0.54 of the Radeon HD driver, which has been exclusively funded by and licensed to A-EON Technology, will be available for download from the A-EON Technology website in the near future. A-EON's Trevor Dickinson commented, “This is a major achievement for AmigaOS 4.1 which now supports graphics cards throughout the Radeon HD range, including the latest series 7 cards. We are especially proud to have funded this development and wish to congratulate Hans on his outstanding work.” Developer Hans de Ruiter added, “It was a long and at times difficult development, but I am extremely pleased that AmigaOS now supports the latest in graphic card technology.”


Registered owners of new AmigaOne 500 and selected Sam460 systems purchased directly from ACube can also download the driver.

Registered customers:
New customers:

If you own multiple AmigaOS systems you can now purchase additional licences through our website.

About the Radeon HD driver: The driver supports 2D and Compositing under AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 with a wide range of Radeon HD PCI graphics cards including: the X1300-X1950 series, HD4000 series, "Evergreen" HD5000 series, "Northern Islands" HD6000 series, and now the "Southern Island" HD7000 series. Version 0.54 is fully ready for 3D support to be added by Hyperion Entertainment. Please visit AmigaKit's website to obtain compatible graphics cards.


About the developer: Hans de Ruiter is an electrical & electronic engineer and leading AmigaOS developer and Amiga enthusiast. His website - HDRLab - details various projects, many of which are AmigaOS related. The biggest of these is the RadeonHD driver for AmigaOS, an ambitious project that aims to deliver modern graphics capabilities for the AmigaOS platform.

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