Bounty for MorphOS port on PowerMac G5

Date 1-Nov-2012 13:52:47
Topic: software MorphOS in co-operation with Mark 'BigFoot' Olsen is pleased to announce that bounty for MorphOS port to a PowerMac G5 has been opened. Please read more for bounty details.


The bounty goal is to port MorphOS on PowerMac G5 computer. Bounty requirements are as follows:

The port of MorphOS must work on one model of PowerMac G5: A1047 (7,3 - M9747LL/A).
Support of other PowerMac G5 models is not preculded, but is not required.
Support of Bluetooth module and AirPort (WiFi) module is not required.
Only one CPU will be supported.
Bounty donations are not related to MorphOS license. Any contributor wanting to buy a MorphOS license for PowerMac G5, will pay the regular price.
Bounty timeframe: 3 months after the programmer receives the machine (see below).
The bounty minimal sum is set to 3000 EUR.
The port will be developed by Mark "Bigfoot" Olsen.

Co-owner of portal Wiktor "Pampers" Glowacki will contribute a PowerMac G5 machine and its shipping to the South Africa, where Mark Olsen lives currently. After bounty completes, the machine becomes a property of the bounty developer.

Feel free to contribute here:

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