Lottery: Win an IndieGO! prototype

Date 4-Nov-2012 22:56:30
Topic: hardware AROS

New Hardware for AROS and classic Amiga users is coming... and for (retro) gamers.

Some information can be found here:


It is aimed as new mini System besides the AresOne : audience = AROS users.
It is aimed as Amithlon-style System: audience = former Amithlon users.
It is aimed as Retro gaming device (plays everything PC (DOS, WIN, Linux, AROS, AmigaOS, and consoles via emulation).
It is aimed as next generation gaming system based around Desura and Steam.

We will also publish physically some of the extraordinary Indie or retro games (relaunch). Those releases will be limited and certified.

Actually, we were quite mute except for the Facebook page and the thread on

First prototypes will be shipped in middle of this month (November).

In order to raise the number Facebook -followers I announced a lottery.

As soon we have 100 followers on Facebook I will let choose randomly one of the registered users at . Then again at 250 followers, then again at 500 followers, and then again at 1000 followers.

Every chosen user will get a IndieGO! Prototype for free. If the numbers are reached after the release of the final system the chosen ones will get the final set (basic version).

Actually, the official IndieGO! Logo and website are WIP, as is the packaging and the DVD-case design (Ares logo is just a placeholder).

The OS is based on AEROS r4.
The official release will have no AROS pre-installed.
Aeros r4 allows to automatically install AspireOS, IcAROS, or Broadway so Amiga dealers can pre-install what they like. Also only AmigaOS if wanted.

Our stage 2 bootloader can be used to install also OS's from other CPU-architectures as long they are compatible to the available emulator engines. So, you can basically choose to boot into AmigaOS 3.9, or AROS 68k, or AtariTOS, or RiscOS, or Solaris, or whatever you like.

Gamers will love the fact that you can virtually throw any CD/DVD into the IndieGO! If not straight out of the box you can easily get the needed stuff via the software-center.

Lottery Prototypes won't come with an SSD or a DVD-drive! Only SD-card (factory loaded and copy-protected, you will have a second Partition for installation)!

Also WIP (placeholder:

Best regards,

PS: We are finalizing GEMZ a new game for AmigaOS, AROS, and MorphOS.

PPS: Specs aren't final. It will come with at least 4GB RAM, an SSD (~30GB), DVD-Drive, and SD-card slot.

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