New version 1.2 of AmiCygnix released

Date 14-Nov-2012 23:05:43
Topic: software OS4

The two base packages "AmiCygnix-Base" and "AmiCygnix-Tools" are now available in the version 1.2. In the main part it is a bugfix release, which fixes some nasty bugs. New program packages will depend on this version.


New in the revised packages:
  • The whole system could freeze when the X server was finished (version 1.1
    and 1.1r2). This should now be fixed. Additionally the clients are stopped
    more clearly.

  • The whole system could freeze, if the existing assigns were listed in a
    file requester. The problem was fixed and the affected binaries were

  • The preference editors "myX11Setup" und "myX11SetupLight" were revised and
    a Spanish catalog was added.

  • The printing tool "lpr" did not open a status window anymore since version
    1.1 of AmiCygnix. The window is opened again.
    Additionally it is now possible to stop the printing process.

  • The content of USB mass storage devices were not displayed in the file-
    requesters. Fixed now.

  • It was possible, that the system mouse pointer was not removed in a
    X server display, so both mouse pointers were visible. Fixed now.

  • The web browser NetSurf was not able to load local files. Is also fixed

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