A-live X sale out and payback offer for new AresOne customers

Date 1-Dec-2012 15:14:03
Topic: hardware AROS

What is the AresOne 2012?

see: http://amigaworld.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=6457

What is new?
From today every new customer of an AresOne will get our Game "G.E.M.Z" for free.
If someone already bought G.E.M.Z you will get an payback if you buy an AresOne 2012 at Vesalia.de http://www.vesalia.de/e_aresone2012.htm of 4,99 ( in words 4 Euro and 99 euro cents)


AMC and or A-live customers will get a 10 payback since both package are subsidized.
Maximum payback sum per customer is limited to 15.

This payback doesn't happen automatically. Please ask Vesalia to contact me(or to forward you request) in such a case.

Talking about A-live X...
I have only 10 remaining packages here... To make room and get money to prepare A-live X3 with really new apps for AmigasOS/MorphOS and AROS I would like to get rid of them...
You get the good old "surely outdated but really limited" package containing to discs + our new game G.E.M.Z for one platform of your choice.

PS: G.E.M.Z 1.1 is in the upload pipeline.. with better performance, compressed audio = smaller file size, audio options, additional languages and more.

ViCon coming soon for AROS/MorphOS/AmigaOS

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