ShowFiles (SF) 0.9 released (Previously named DF - DisplayFiles)

Date 3-Dec-2012 20:41:25
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ShowFiles (SF) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or ELF program), protection-bits, etc, etc.


It supports a number of different options/switches, please type "sf HELP" (alt.
"sf --help") for help or type "sf MANUAL" (alt. "sf --manual") for the manual,
when in shell after installation. Or look in the .doc-file in the archive.

Download: ShowFiles from OS4Depot


* Abbreviated as SF or just sf - fast and easy to type in the shell.
* Dirs/drawers are displayed in blue color (pen 3).
* Hard/Softlinks are displayed underscored (underlined).
* Shows where any Hard/Softlinks points to.
* Possible comments are displayed in italic.
* Displays the "primitive" file type of files.
* Fetches and identifies executable headers (68k, ELF, EXE, among others).
* Displays the Amiga file protection bits of files.
* Shows free disk space and sizes in KiB (1024), kB (1000) and bytes.
* Options for sorting by size and time/date.
* Option for reversing the output list.
* Options for displaying only files, dirs or links. Or intermix them.
* Option to "trail" files with an initial character ('/', '*' or (at)-char).
* Possibility to specify a path to display.
* Shows OwnerUID, OwnerGID, UseCount and ObjectID (as reported by DOS).
* Supports multiple formats of options/switches (f.ex: TIME --time -t /T).
* Supports automatic updates through AmiUpdate.
* Written for Amiga on an Amiga.


Version 0.9: (Dec 2012)
* Added switches for FILES, DIRS, and LINKS, it is also possible to
intermix them.
* Changed the name for "EHead" to "Exe" (and "eh" to "e").
* Fetching of exe-headers -> little faster (cleaned up some code there).
* Updated Install/Uninstall scripts further, to be more safer and error
resistant, and typos fixed.
* Updated the documentation some further, except for documenting what's new.
* Output slightly changed.

Version 0.8: (Nov 2012)
* DF (DisplayFiles) renamed to ShowFiles (SF), because DF was clashing with
the UNIX/Linux command df.
* New: Added install and uninstall scripts, and links to executable.
* Changed the structure of files (the executable file, links, doc-file, etc).
* Updated AutoInstall to reflect the renaming to ShowFiles and the new
file structure.
* ShowFiles is now out of Beta (with regard to the base engine).

Beta 7 - (0.7): (Apr 2011)
* Added info to footer-output about amount of dirs listed.
* Fixed bug, "dirs and files with same size are not sorted when sorting
by SIZE".
* Fixed issue, "multiple messages on error".
* Fixed a few other minor issues.

Beta 6 - (0.6): (Mar 2011)
* Optimized the "fetching-of-executable-headers" procedure. -> Moved
"fetching-of-executable-headers" to fetch while printing the output
resulting smoother executation (less delay before anything is printed,
especially on large dirs).
* Added a SIZE option so the list can be sorted by size.
* Added a TRAIL option that will trail dirs with an initial '/', executable
headers with an '*', and links with an (at)-char.
* Renamed the option "DETAILS" to "CLARIFY" ("D" will be reserved for
another usage.
* Renamed the option "FAST" to "QUICK" ("F" will be reserved for
another usage.
* Swapped "kB" and "KiB" columns in the DETAILS view.
* Added DEFAULT option so the default listing can be forced (in future).
* Fixed a few other minor bugs.


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