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Date 13-Dec-2012 14:07:40
Topic: News

Hello everybody,

Once again, we're moving servers. Our current hosting provider has decided to stop operating the server type we're currently using, so we're migrating to a new server at a new location.

The first step is already done, today at 16:00 UTC we moved the IRC services from the old server to the new one without much of a hiccup.

If you experience problems connecting to IRC, make sure you are not using the IP address of the old server, but rather the DNS name, either (for a rotation of all the servers) or to use the AmigaWorld Main server.

The IP address of should point to, if it does not, check whether you have created a hosts file entry for it pointing it somewhere else. If nothing works, you can always use /server or /server or simply /server

Shortly, possibly over the weekend, we'll migrate the website to the new server as well. It should be a relatively painless experience for all involved but we apologize for any interruption to our services while this is ongoing. I'll update this news item once we get closer to actually doing the website move and after we finish it.

Kind regards,

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