eGame released for AmigaOS4, AROS, & MorphOS

Date 28-Dec-2012 21:31:40
Topic: Software News

eGame allows you to keep an easily searchable list of games for playing - rather than having to hunt through lots of folders using Workbench/Wanderer/Ambient. Please note that eGame is only able to start games that you can already run by double-clicking them.

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"eGame" is short for "(Portabl)E Game Launcher". I originally wrote eGame as a test and an example of what can be achieved with PortablE's easy GUI system, but (after some prodding from Joel) I think it has become a nice useful program in it's own right.

As I've put a lot of effort into making tagging & filtering easy but still pretty powerful, I decided to make it 'DonationShareware'. Without a key file it will only display 10 games (although you can still search all stored games and the first 10 matches will be shown). If you want to get a key file to unlock it, then you need to send me at least 2 Pounds or Euros by PayPal (although I encourage you to donate more if you feel it is worth more!).

eGame has been tested on AmigaOS4 and AROS, but I have not been able to test it on MorphOS (although I expect it to work). If you have any problems then please let me know!

You can download eGame from Aminet and OS4Depot.

Here are some OS4 & AROS screenshots:

(AROS pics next)

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