Jack - Status Update

Date 15-Jan-2013 20:55:33
Topic: Software News

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick status update for me in regard to Jack.

Hopefully before the end of January I will be releasing a version of Jack for Windows/MacOS X.

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I envisage that this will be the one and only version for these non-Amiga operating systems as I re-factor the interface to take advantage of MUI/Royale!

Screenshots of the Windows/MacOS X are quite boring in comparison to the MUI work I have been carrying out so here are a few peeks of the App-Store in MUI.

Please note none of the actual coding behind the interface design has been carried out as yet - I start by designing all the interfaces first, most of the designs have actually now been finished - so here I show you the most interesting stuff here.

Further screenshots will be posted on the Jack for AmigaOS website.



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